RCB IPL Auction Latest News

RCB IPL Auction 2024 | rcb ipl auction Latest News

RCB IPL Auction Latest News

RCB IPL Auction Latest News

Friends, as per the current status of IPL auction till now, friends, I have come across the names of two such players where friends, they were seen spending some of their money on Royal Challenger Bangalore team and two big players. Have included your name.

 Who are the two-three big players in the action of this IPL 2024 and friends, the two players on whom the Royal Challenger Bangalore team can bet? I thought, friends, our Royal Challenger Bangalore team will choose very good players.

But friends, they have given a big hobby to their fans, now the thing to be seen is whether the players the RCB team is taking will turn out to be the ace of the troupe or not.

RBC team eyes Elzadi Joseph in this IPL 2024. West Indies fast bowler has attack, very good swing and friends, he is known to bowl very well in death and starts.

 The surprising thing is that friends, when George Hazel Hood came to the table but our RCB team did not show even the slightest interest in him and let him go, it clearly means that he has been replaced.

Just goodbye Joseph means you are Al Jaari who is going to be seen in our playing eleven, till now we keep talking about the status.

 Friends, I don’t think that this jealousy which we have seen in the team since today is going to be a good fit, so their economy is doing around 10 shows which is very high, people know them as run machine, so friends, this is somewhere. RCB can also work for the team and its friends can also help in sinking RCB.

 No, I did not understand, what is the meaning of RCB team? Let’s see friends, are they able to keep everyone stunned with their bowling and keep everyone’s mouth shut or not? We will know in this IPL 2024 and today friends, now I think we will know from today also. The bowler is going to target the all-rounder. Please complete the attack of the bowler. Friends, we saw the meeting from today also in this auction.

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