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Vidya lakmi portal is an initiative of government of India which was launched with an aim to digitalize the education loan process but applying on Vidya lakmi portal could turn into a nightmare.

Vidya Lakshmi Education Loan

Vidya Lakshmi Education Loan

If you are not careful about some of the important details while applying you cannot create a duplicate application on the vidya lakmi portal due to the pan linking.

Hence your first application has to be very carefully checked and then only you should submit the application to make sure you have complete guidance before you fill in your education loan application on VP portal.

I have decided to make a complete article on the entire Journey right from registering on the Vidya lakshmi portal to fill in the applications to tracking your loan application status so do watch the full article.

Hello all this is Damini co-founder of easy loan pay for Scholars which is India’s largest education Finance platform we started in 2015 with funding and support from government of India and we help students like you find scholarships and education loan for your higher studies abroad hence our articles are the most trusted source of information.

This article is going to tell you clearly how to fill an application form on Vidya lakmi portal so what I’m going to do is step by step. I will fill in the application form on Vidya lakmi portal right from registering to you know fill in the application to applying to Banks and I’ll show you how to fill in the form and which mistakes you shouldn’t make.

But an important disclaimer before that to Avail an education loan it is not mandatory that you apply through with the elction portal there are other alternative options as well such as weix schols portal which is way more simpler and way more easier V schols is also funded and supported by government of India.

we have similar access to send your application to any Bank in India so you don’t really have to go through the torture of applying through with Ali portal but any which ways if you want to apply on VI laki portal let me show you the complete process step by step.

Let’s start okay so we will first log into vidaki portal. so here we are on the portal uh as you can see so I’ll first click register so here it’s a very important thing which you need to know it says that if you wish to aval subsidy related education loan scheme.

Then please apply through Jammer which means if you want a subsidy you cannot apply through Vidya lakmi you have to apply through J Samar only please note that both the portals are by government of India.

And you cannot apply on both of these you have to choose whether you want to go through subsid so go on if you want to go through with thei portal then apply here so I’ve made a separate article about Jamar portal.

So uh guys you should check that out separately the link is in the description okay so we are going to close this window by clicking okay and now we are going to start filling the form okay so the title Miss and and you write your name if you have a middle name.

Then write your last name mobile number then you have to write your email ID write a password of your choice put the capture now you cannot click on this uh I agree box until you open on these terms and conditions.

So what you have to do is click on this and then go till the end you can read through it if you want to and then click close now you can click on I agree box. Now submit okay so it says the account has been successfully created thanks for registering and an email has been sent.

So now we’ll go to just the email box to see the activation link you cannot log in until you activate. So now we are going to click on the activation link here okay. 

So my account is activated now I’m going to just go back and login again okay so let’s put in the email ID which you registered with and now the password.

Which you chose while registering and the capture so now we are on the dashboard uh after you log in this is what you’ll see so you can see on top it says that you have not submitted any loan application form and then it says search.

And apply for loan scheme let us click on that first and see okay so here you can see the list of all the banks which are offering Education Loans so you can put the filters let’s say I want to put it for abroad education.

Now it asks me like for which degree level let me put it for postgraduation and now it ask me for how much amount am I looking for most of the students are looking for more than 7.5 lakhs.

So I’m going to select that and now let’s click search so now here you’ll be able to see the entire uh you know banks with the scheme names uh who are offering loans and you can see here it says you can apply for maximum three Banks and only one scheme of each bank right.

So with the election portal only allows you to apply for maximum three Banks and only if all the three Banks reject you.

You will be able to apply for the fourth one yeah so to start with you can only apply for three and I always suggest people do not exhaust your chances. So always apply for you know one or two and then see that maybe you’ll look for a better option and then you know you can choose the third one.

So now let me just search here uh I will start with global Advantage scheme that is you know if I search here you can see I can apply for this there is an apply button here or you can you know as I keep making articles about kvb.

So that is also a very good option these days so I’m going to search kvb here and yeah I can click on apply here, now when I click on apply you can see it says you do not have an application form.

So first fill the application form only then I can apply right so I will click on here fill the application form yeah so again it is giving me this notification saying that if you wish to Avil subsidy please apply through J summer see the portal is trying to block you again and again by telling you.

That you know don’t make the mistake of filling with lakmi portal form if you’re looking for a subsidy because again I’m repeating once you fill this form.

You cannot apply through Jamar you cannot Avail a subsidy if you fill in with thei portal form once because you can only register on one of these two portals not on both right so yeah so please make sure that.

If you are uh eligible for subsidy go for Jamar I’m going to close this popup assuming that you are not eligible for subsidy and you’re going for vid laki portal okay so this is our first screen uh it just has a basic instructions.

It is talking about the sections which we have here uh you know the personal information the details of relationship with the bank uh particular of course for which the loan is required cost of course source of Finance details of security offered prospects of earning after completion of course and then supporting documents.

Now each of these sections we would go one by one now we’ll click on next and go to the uh basic information section yeah so as you can see on the basic information section uh on top itself.

First thing it it is talking about is the interest subsidy which is Central sector uh scheme for interest subsidy csis the reason why it is showing you here this again is because if you are eligible for csis.

So it is mentioning here the eligibility criteria and benefits because if you are eligible you ideally should not go ahead and fill with the alaki form because you are supposed to Avail subsidy through J okay so as you see this is the third time the portal is alerting you that do not you know if you’re eligible for the subsidy do not go forward right.

So but again I am telling you here that csis is only for abroad uh sorry only for domestic studies not for abroad education. Now are you pursuing higher education in India. I selected no it is uh not giving me an option of selecting parental income the reason is csis is not applicable for overseas right.

So I selected no so it is not even bother about parents income because it’s not going to give me any benefit so now if I put yes here you can see now I I am given the option of adding the income.

So both yes and no option is open now so which means if you’re looking for domestic education you can put the income here, so if the parent income is less than 450,000 perom then only the csis applies right so if you put no here there is no income right.

So let me just go ahead and change my answer are you looking for high studies in India I kept no so both the answers I’m ineligible to answer there is no point of answering these other two questions.

Because I’m not qualified for csis any which ways so here it talks about the other basic terms and conditions of csis scheme which you can go through if you’re looking for a domestic education loan.

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