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Symptoms of weak bones | Treatment of weak bones | weak bone home remedies | weak bone reason

Friends, in this article you are being given complete information about the symptoms of weak bones, treatment of weak bones, diseases caused by weak bones.

Weak Bones Treatment

symptoms of weak bones

If you have pain at various places in the body, have dental problems, nails break quickly or feel full of weakness, then these symptoms are pointing towards weak bones, but do not panic, in this article I will share with you some reasons for weak bones. Reasons that no one talks about.

Weak Bones Symptoms

Together we will talk about what to eat and what not to eat so that our bones and joints remain strong and healthy and friends, at the end of the video I will share with you a homemade Ayurvedic supplement which if you consume it continuously for 2 months, then your bone density and bone density will increase. And the joints will become so strong that you will not have any problems.

Friends, the entire structure of our body rests on the bones, if the bones become weak then various types of problems start in the entire body. Generally speaking, people have to face three types of problems.

Friends, whenever there is inflammation in bones and joints, the body gives its signal in the form of pain. Now if you suppress this pain by taking pain killers, then in future the patient can also become the cause of serious diseases like arthritis and scout. The second one is that of bones. To become weak.

This happens when the blood becomes acidic due to wrong eating habits and lifestyle, the body removes calcium from the bones, your drop density decreases, the bones start becoming thin, you feel pain while walking, any injury leads to fracture, the third problem. The reason people press joints and bones is that the grease between the joints gets used up, that is, the smooth fluid that should be there in the joints is not there for smooth movement.

This happens when the thorns, whose function is to provide contraction to the joints, start getting generated. Due to this, the two ends of the bones of the joints start hitting each other. Simply put, there is dryness in the joints. Many times you must have seen that when people get up and sit, If so, a crackling sound comes from their joints. This is an early symptom of dryness between the bones.

What causes weak bones? Weak Bones Reason

Friends, when we talk about bones, the first thing that comes to mind is calcium and it is true that calcium is the mineral which provides density and strength to the bones. If there is a deficiency of calcium in the body, then the bones start becoming thin. Is.

But apart from this, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Protein are also important nutrients for bones and joints. Now either our eating habits are not good or how to do that, we do not know how to get the proper nutrition that our bones need, but many times we eat everything. Even so, such mistakes are made. Due to which our body is not able to absorb these important nutrients like-

treatment of weak bones

Friends, almost all the dals contain adequate amount of calcium, magnesium and protein, but often we prepare the dals without soaking them. In such a situation, the dals which contain anti-nutrients like fighting acids, cannot be absorbed in the body without the calcium from these foods. To let it happen, add things like Rajma, Chole, Gram, Moong, Moth and Urad. Write regular but for first 6 hours but do soak for first 6 hours. similarly

Bones of people who drink too much tea and coffee also become weak before age, especially when we drink tea or coffee after meals, the tannin and caffeine present in these drinks hinder the absorption of protein and weaken the bones. 50% of it is made up of protein. In milk curd cheese you will not only get protein but will also get plenty of calcium.

Another mistake that people make is that they eat dry fruits without soaking them. Friends, almonds, walnuts and cashews, all three of them contain healthy fatty acids which eliminate dryness of joints and increase lubrication, but if we eat them without soaking them then Firstly, it will cause further dryness and secondly, it will cause heat in the body, whereas if you eat two to four soaked almonds daily with their peels, then your body will be greatly benefited.

Then sometimes people stop eating oil altogether, thinking that obesity will not increase, but friends, this is not at all good for your joints, calcium also needs oil to be absorbed, that is why people take calcium tablets with water. They do not benefit, on the contrary, stones are formed. Yes, it is true that you should completely stop using these refined oils and in their place should eat only pure oil extracted from raw ghani.

Apart from this, eating too much tamarind chutney, eating golgappas or drinking cold drinks also harms bones.

Home remedies for weak bones

Friends, do not panic, today I want to share with you a supplement mentioned in the codes of Ayurveda, which will not only strengthen your bones and joints from inside, but you will get relief from any kind of pain, be it arthritis pain or non-arthritis pain. To make Ayurvedic supplement, you need only two things and both the things are probably in your kitchen right now. Death is first, heart and lap second. Friends, you probably know this but sesame seeds contain 8 times more calcium than milk.

Weak Bones reason

It is also an excellent source of magnesium and healthy fats, due to which it helps in repairing the joints and increases the grease of the joints, due to which it becomes easier for you to move. It also helps in repairing the cartilage of your heart. do it well

Due to which the bones send together, they start healing. Friends, jaggery itself is a good source of calcium and along with it, it also contains micronutrients like phosphorus iron, which not only purifies the blood which has become acidic but also helps in improving the blood. Code is also very effective in increasing the weight and friends, the combination of sesame and jaggery is not a panacea, not only in Ayurveda, but today even model studies are accepting it, perhaps that is why our grandmothers made laddus of sesame and jaggery every winter. Used to do.

How to make home remedy to strengthen weak bones

It is also very easy to make, it hardly takes 10 minutes. Friends, first of all you have to dry roast the oils in a pan. You can use white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds or can even mix both. 2-5 Within a minute, they will turn light brown, then take them out and keep them in a plate. Now put one spoon of ghee in the same pan and add approximately the same amount of oil in it.

Friends, always buy jaggery after coloring it. The darker the color of the jaggery, the more pure and nutritious it is. Melt the jaggery, put it in water and it will start getting hard. Just mix jaggery in the same plate and make hot laddus. These laddus, friends, are very tasty and the most delicious. The good thing is that they do not spoil, you can make many laddus and keep them at once. Friends, both oil and lap are hot, due to this also this substance acts as a natural pain killer in the body and you get relief from cold. The problem of cold hands and feet also goes away.

For 2 months of this winter, eat one laddu continuously every day at any time and you will feel that your bones have become stronger and the pain that used to be there before and the tiredness while walking has also gone away. Yes, keep one thing in mind that whenever you When you eat this laddu, stir it well so that the entire chutney gets formed inside, otherwise what happens is that if we do not eat the sesame seeds properly, they just come out through the toilet.

Forget all other calcium supplements for 2 months and try these time-tested natural supplements and do share your experience in the comments.

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