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The UEFA Champions League, or simply the Champions League, is an annual continental club football competition organized since 1955 by the Union of European Football Federations (UEFA) for the top football clubs in Europe.

It was originally known as the European Champions Clubs Cup or European Cup. It is the most prestigious tournament in the world and one of the most prestigious club competitions in European football.

The final match of the 2012–13 tournament was the most watched final of the tournament to date.

Not only this, the match was the most watched annual sporting event worldwide in the year 2013, watched by 360 million spectators.

Prior to 1992, the tournament was officially called the "European Champion Clubs' Cup", but was commonly referred to simply as the "European Cup".

The tournament has several stages. In its current form, it begins in mid-July with three knockout qualifying rounds and a play-off round. The 10 surviving teams join the 22 seeded teams in the group stage, in which there are eight groups of four teams each.

The most successful club in the history of the competition is Real Madrid, having won the tournament twelve times, including the last five seasons.